Allende Sur 15, Centro Histórico Querétaro, Qro., México, C.P. 76000

Suite 5

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Room Description

This is the room of the owners’ private collection and its color is yellow. Several artworks, several styles, all of them form a part of the cultural history of our country: the veiling of an ocean scenery, the formality of the naturalist school of drawing, the innovation of the first woman to develop the abstract in the country (Iola Benton) and the thick brushstrokes full of strength of the contemporary artists. Along with all of this is a wardrobe from the end of the XIXth Century and the romanticism given by the oil painted flowers.

The inside of the shower is a call to nature that contrasts with all the intellectual work in the room: living stone and a fresh rain that awaken the senses with the morning light that comes in through the dome.

This room is part of the old Casona and since, it does not have a window, it has a skylight that is open on the sides to provide a constant flow of fresh air day and night.

Type: Standard Suite Two Queen Size Beds.

Rates may change depending the season.

$1650per night without taxes


Room Facilities

  • Plasma TV
  • Cable
  • Free Internet wi-fi
  • Reading lamp
  • Desk
  • Air conditioning
  • Telephone
  • Coffe bar